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Choose from a wide selection of private school gear: blouses, vests, sweaters, skirts, and so many socks! Put on school robes, or grab your broom and put on your Quidditch outfit. Show your Harry Potter pride: create yourself as a Hogwarts student, and use it as your avatar! Hogwarts' students have always been good with everything they do. From studying to adventuring, causing mischief to looking elegant the students are always at the top with what they do! Here we see ladies who don't follow fashion trends but create them on their own! We present you another grand game! You can make any of the Hogwarts girls and dress them up to your liking. Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Pansy and many more! You can also create your own unique Hogwarts lady and dress her up too! Don't skip the little test at the beginning and let the Sorting hat sort you to your House! Don't miss out one second to play this brilliantly made game!Join now and have fun!


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