Summary: Bag the Elephant: Review and Analysis of Kaplan’s Book

Summary: Bag the Elephant: Review and Analysis of Kaplan’s Book

(Read free ebook) Summary: Bag the Elephant: Review and Analysis of Kaplan’s Book

Read Snippet : The must-read summary of Steve Kaplan’s book: “Bag the Elephant: How to Win and Keep Big Customers”. This complete summary of the ideas from Steve Kaplan’s book “Bag the Elephant” shows the merits of acquiring and retaining big clients to grow your business. In fact, working with fewer big customers has many advantages over working with many small ones, ranging from being more cost effective, being more focused, being able to build lasting relationships and reduce advertising spend. These ‘elephantsrsquo; of the business world are hard to acquire, and a successful contract is contingent on an effective game plan which must contain the following four elements: 1) Develop the right business mindset, nbsp;2) Have an appropriate sales strategy, 3) Leverage your big business clients and take full advantage of them, 4) Avoid the five killer mistakes which could mitigate your success. nbsp;The summary is logically divided into the above key points, ending with the five mistakes which should be avoided all costs nbsp;ndash; from biting off more than you can chew, to keeping all your eggs in one basket.nbsp;Added-value of this summary:nbsp;bull;nbsp;Save timenbsp;bull;nbsp;Understand key conceptsnbsp;bull;nbsp;Increase your business knowledgenbsp;To learn more, read “Bag the Elephant” and discovernbsp;a series of simple checklists and structured guidelines, that will help anyone who wishes to acquire and retain the best clients for their company.

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