The Salesman’s Little Blue Book of Daily Inspiration

The Salesman’s Little Blue Book of Daily Inspiration

[Mobile pdf] The Salesman’s Little Blue Book of Daily Inspiration

Book Snippet : Spiritual nourishment for the salesman’s heart.Where do you turn for encouragement when the sales order doesn’t come through? When the sales pitch doesn’t go as planned? When the forecast is too high? When the customer says “no” even after a great presentation? In a competitive and stress-filled work environment, where do you go to find spiritual nourishment for your heart?Christopher Cunningham, a sales and marketing veteran, invites you on a 21 day journey to discover a better way to sell, and indeed, a better way to live. The process will both challenge and inspire you, but ultimately help you find balance in a job that can create emotional and spiritual turbulence.Discover an inner peace and receive all the blessings God has planned for you!It addition to the daily devotions, it also includes scriptural insights and promises on 21 challenges you face?from tough competitors, to difficult customers, to temptations, and more.

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