Investing in Solar Stocks: What You Need to Know to Make Money in the Global Renewable Energy Market

Investing in Solar Stocks: What You Need to Know to Make Money in the Global Renewable Energy Market

[FREE] Investing in Solar Stocks: What You Need to Know to Make Money in the Global Renewable Energy Market

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The Article : The solar industry is heating up. In the past two years alone, more than $8 billion have been infused into the market, and 20 companies have gone public. The best news is that the solar market is still in its infancy, with plenty of room to expand. With an annual growth rate of nearly 50 percent, it has the potential to eclipse all other investment opportunities. Investing in Solar Stocks sheds light on every angle of the subject to help you enter this booming market with knowledge and confidence. Previously the realm of elite investors, solar energy is now wide open to asset managers, institutional investors, and fund managers. From the science of solar energy to expert strategies for building a portfolio utilizing solar stocks, this comprehensive introduction covers critical information about: Government policies driving the solar market The growth of solar energy into a global industry Business models shaping the industry Manufacturing supply chains Risk and volatility factors Portfolio diversification and rebalancing The global economic collapsersquo;s effect on the market A veteran player in the renewable-energy investment world, author Joseph Berwind explains the investment principles of buying, selling, and shorting solar stocks in easy, engaging language. He also includes case studies of solar energy companies and useful trading strategies from the top hedge fund investors currently active in the solar market. A rare bull market orbiting in todayrsquo;s universe of bears, solar energy holds great promise for both long-term portfolios and short-term gain. Use Investing in Solar Stocks to get in on one of todayrsquo;s few supercharged markets.